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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 16, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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the nation remember, as well. nbc did aapologize for it's a mistake. that is wrap on news watch. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us. keep it here on fox news >>. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. glad you are with us. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news, hundreds of anti-american protestors break through a barricade at u.s. consulate in pakistan. who is behind all these uprising answers from a top ambassador. >> and afghan police officer turning his gun on nato troops in southern afghanistan and fox news has now confirmed the four service members killed in the ambush were all americans.
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>> heather: plus turmoil in the middle east prompting a hard line over israel in possibility of a nuclear iran. we 6 live reaction from the streets of jerusalem. >> gregg: we began with brand-new details on the investigation into an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that claimed the lives of four americans including the ambassador to libya, chris stevens. interim president is tuesday's raid was pre-meade at a time act of violence. now that is claim that the u.s. ambassador to the united nations disputes. take a listen. >> best information and best assessment we have today is that in fact this was not a preplanned, pre-mid at a time attack. that what happened initially was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. people gathered outside the embassy and then it grew very
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violent. those with extremist ties joined the fray and came with heavy weapons which are quite common in post revolutionary libya. that then spun out of control. >> gregg: some critics of the administration taking issue with that claim you just heard and questioning why so many of those protestors were in fact heavily armed. >> i'm not sure how much pre-planning went on, but it was clearly an act of terror. people don't bring rocket propelled grenades to demonstrations because they want to demonstrate. it was very well carried out with direct fire and indirect fire. for the united states government to simply say it was a spontaneous acted flies in the face of the facts. >> gregg: leland vittert is live in cairo. what is the latest in libya? >> reporter: right now the libyan president is talking about these attacks.
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he said he wouldn't be surprised if they were preplanned and go through a list of reasons he thinks this has a very sophisticated planning system rather than just spontaneous protests which then turned into attacks. we'll go through what he said. he thought because it happened on 9/11, that led to the idea there was some significance or symbolism for one of these groups that was in some way affiliated. number two, how heavily armed the attackers were. the way they used direct fire and indirect fire as the congressman talked about as they went through the u.s. consulate building. last point, an interesting fact there was really two attacks. that was a follow on attack at the safe house that was used by the con sue lalt officials that these groups knew about. not only did they attack the consulate but attacked the safe house and that is what made the
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libyan president feel as though they were not spontaneous but rather a preplanned attack meant to murder the ambassador and real significance on 9/11. >> gregg: what about the mood there in cairo? >> you really get the feeling it's a tense calm here. you, see it on the streets. you can smell it on the streets because of all the tear gas. it's almost like the fusened down just to where it got to the dynamite and didn't explode the dynamite. we walked from our hotel down by the u.s. embassy which has other times in cairo i might call a large compound and now it is a fortress. >> this graffiti doesn't need any translation, u.s.a. go to hell and because the protestors couldn't make it down to the embassy, they just spray-painted on whatever they could find including the tree. businesses have now reopened
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after these four days of pitched riots. you can still see and feel the lingering effects the tear gas in the air. also down on the sidewalk you can see where the rioters broke up all the concrete here to use for rocks to throw at police. >> this is another entrance to the u.s. embassy. you can see the barbed wire and the riot police there. there were a couple hundred rioted police down this street to, riot police and we have to be quick. what is going on here and this is protest by the hard line islamists who called for the protests originally. this is posters, release of the blind cleric. they want him out of jail. >> reporter: right now in cairo there a huge police presence around the u.s. embassy. there is a lot of anti-american
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feeling among the group and number of riot police, a number of police guarding the embassy now have automatic weapons with them. whether they are authorized to push protestors back, we don't know but it's an impressive sight and big deterrent for anyone that wants to start protests again. >> gregg: thanks very much. some members of the dallas area muslim community are now paying their respects those killed in tuesday's attacks holding candlelight vigil vigils in honor of the victims. they want people to know the acts of few extremists do not leapt all muslims. >> we're here to condemn the violence and offer our condolences to those that perished in this terrible tragedy. >> they need political developments and economic developments and need a lot more awareness so these things when they happen obscure somebody did
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something and put it on youtube should not have this kind of reaction. nearly 100 members of the muslim community there turned out for this dallas area vigil. they held a moment of silence for the four american diplomats killed in the attacks. >> heather: we have some brand-new reaction to tell you about to the anti-american protests spreading across the muslim world, violent attacks in afghanistan, pakistan and egypt and now the assault is sparking new questions about u.s. foreign policy. some say all because of an anti-islam film insulting the prophet muhammad. >> reporter: political firestorm has erupted in the wake of that deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. three others killed in tuesday's assault in benghazi. susan wright says evidence shows
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it was spontaneous and not planned but mike rogers says it's too soon to tell and that classified information, quote makes you stop for a minute and pause. and they disagree over whether the protests were sparked by the online video or by deep-seated anti-american sentiment. >> we're very vigilant. we are of the view this is not an expression of hostility in the broadest sense toward the united states or u.s. policy. it's approximately a reaction to this video. it's a hateful video that had nothing to do with the united states. >> if we all decide to rally around the video as the problem we are going to make a serious mistake and i think we're going to make diplomatic mistakes if we think that is the only reason people are showing up at our embassy and trying to conduct acts of violence. rogers says there was too many coin denies including the
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anniversary of 9/11 and use of rockets and military coordination in the attack. in the view of the ambassador the protest was hijacked by includesers of extremists. >> heather: steve, thank you so much. >> gregg: fox news is now confirming that the victims of an insider attack on nato troops in afghanistan are americans. afghan officer suddenly opening fire at a remote checkpoint in the south. it's the latest in a string of attack bias afghan forces against their international counterparts. the violence strange kabul's relationship with nato has troops drawdown prepare to hand over responsibilities to afghan forces. conner powell has more. >> reporter: the insider attacks are occurring at an alarming rate in afghanistan. yesterday two british troops were shot and killed and held by members of the afghan local police force.
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in one province four were shot and killed by afghan police. according to u.s. commanders, the soldiers were on the way to help a police checkpoint that was reportedly taking fire. when they got there, four of them were killed. many of the police officers at that checkpoint have now gone into hiding possibly with the taliban. these insider attacks are a real growing problem because it really is undermining the trust between the international community and the afghan government here. at the heart of the strategy here in afghanistan is building up the afghan security forces when soe when you have the insider attacks, so far 51 troops have been killed, it hurts the overall mission here. u.s. commanders say investigating all possible connections to the taliban with these insider attacks. according to the top commander, only about 10-20% of the inspirer attacks or connected to the taliban.
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the rest are personal disagreements. so far nothing they have come up with to end these insider attacks has worked. there really is worrying part of the overall strategy here in afghanistan. if they can't fix this, it's going to be very difficult for the strategy to work. >> gregg: thank you reporting from kabul, having a. >> heather: now to iran where the protests are sweeping the middle east are ratcheting up tensions between the islamic regime and israel. top commander in the powerful revolutionary guard warning nothing this l remain, that is quote if it attacks tehran over the nuclear program. this as benjamin netanyahu is making a direct appeal to u.s. voters to elect a president willing to draw a red line with tehran. live for us in jerusalem with more, rick? >> reporter: the israeli prime
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minister using a football metaphor suggesting that iran is ready to score a nuclear recipe and u.s. won't stop, israel will. prime minister says that iran is by the middle of next year 90% of the wear to stock piled enough to make a bomb. president obama needs to set red lines for the iranian regime with a fine threshold that it can stockpile or defined deadline to abandon their nuclear program to avoid military action. >> we are in the red zone. they are in last 20 yards. you can't let them cross our goal line. you can't let them score a touchdown. that would have unbelievable consequences, grievous consequences. >> reporter: prime minister says he respects president obama to preventing iran to get nuclear weapons but they have to get tougher and establish a clear line. he says the iranians can't be
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trusted. he compares their regime to the militants attacking u.s. embassies in northern africa. iran puts ahead zee lotry and it would be grave mistake not to stop them. >> nuclear weapons, you have countries that have access to nuclear weapons that made a careful calculation of costs and benefits. but iran is guided by an leadership unbelievable fanaticism. you want these fanatics to have nuclear weapons? >> for it's part. they say they are not building a nuclear weapon and they have threatened if attacked that will bomb israel off the map and block the straits of hormuz and there will be serious consequences.
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>> heather: rick, live from jerusalem. >> gregg: chicago teenager under arrest after months long terror investigation. the operation begin when agents noticed that 18-year-old was using an e-mail account to distribute material about violent jihad and killing of americans. an undercover agent provided the suspect with a phony car bomb and then watched as the teen allegedly tried to detonate outside of a bar. shocked neighbors says he come koms from a very nice family and seemed like a good person. >> it's very scary. it hurts my heart because i never would have thought, never would i have thought that this is way he was. he was in conversation with my kids all the time. the conversation -- they even spoke religion because we're baptists but it was never anything like, we hate americans
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or anything like that. >> gregg: he is an american citizen. there is concerns of home-grown terrorism. he is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. charges attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. >> heather: coming up the nhl putting the 2012 season on ice you could say. got get it? >> gregg: i got it. >> heather: a labor dispute and what it means for hockey fans. >> gregg: chicago teachers are going to vote on a tentative contracted agreement that could decide whether 350,000 kids will finally get back inside the classroom tomorrow morning. we'll have a live report from chicago coming up. >> heather: occupy wall street ready to occupy again. how they are planning to mark their one-year anniversary. >> we believe corporations are taking over public education. >> it has failed. >> there is a plan for a
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. developing in chicago, thousands of striking teachers could be back in classroom as early as tomorrow. the teachers union meeting right now, to vote on a tentative contracted offer from the chicago public schools.
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if it is approved. classes will resume in morning after a week long strike. steve brown is live. how quick is vote expected to be? >> reporter: the delegates met on friday the deal in concept was agreed to by the school district and the teachers union. they had to work through the weekend to get it on paper so they could present it today. it's the anticipation of union leadership that in some sense they will have to piece the deal together for delegates. have a listen. >> some things are ready but we need to make sure we're on the same page. some of the stuff is absolutely brand-new fresh language. so we will have two separate drafts coming together. >> reporter: and keep in mind we're talking about 800 folks they have representation in each one of their schools. they are probably come with
1:21 pm
questions or specific concerns. this could take a little bit but there is an expectation there will be a vote today. >> heather: the strike could end and students could be back to school tomorrow, it still wouldn't be over, right? >> no. the strike outside the schools would be over the kids would be back in class and teachers would be back in class but it's not over until the rank and file union votes overall on this particular deal, all 26,000 members of including teachers union. interestingly we talked to one delegate and they believe, if it is over and if this is good deal it's not a good deal for them but good deal for organized labor, as well. have a listen. >> not just for other unions in the city of chicago but across the country and frankly across the world. we felt we were setting an example and showing it can be done. >> reporter: there has been a sense in the city of chicago,
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since they backing rahm emanuel and this there mark the end following back on contract language and move forward and accumulating things as opposed to giving up things. >> heather: we appreciate it. we'll check back with you as the vote comes out to play. >> gregg: well, brace yourself, don't you know, tomorrow occupy wall street is planning to march on financial district marking the one-year anniversary. movement begin last time last year spread across the globe with rallying cry with we are the 99%.king back, what has occupy wall street really plushd joining us is brenda buttner, good to see you. look. basic economic conditions, high unemployment, anemic growth. relatively unchanged from a year ago.
1:23 pm
so in terms of occupy wall street's attempt to change things, they haven't achieved that. they have achieved alienating many americans? >> they were very polarizing but kind of understand what they were. what they were in angry. they were angry about unemployment. they were angry they took a target that is very convenient one, wall street. by many social movements, you are doing something wrong. we don't want you to do it anymore, but there was really outside a very widely held sense of anger there wasn't ideal or widely held ideals or haven't changed things. how can you define your success because there was not one thing they wanted to change. >> gregg: anger can sometimes be constructive but their tactics were not. they ended up creating endless noise, occupying private and
1:24 pm
public property which really just angered other people that have to live and work there. they were living amid crime in an extraordinary filth. that doesn't endear you to a lot of people. >> especially the people that own the property where you occupy. what it does do the s bring the international media. they came in droves to see that. that is part of the tactic that many social movements have used. >> gregg: but the media ended up making fun of a lot of folks. the main complaints of the occupy wall street was twofold. they said it's not fair that some people are richer than others. their other complaint is 1% are not paying their fair share. that is not true. facts can be inconvenient. here is the federal income tax that was paid, top 1% paid 37%
1:25 pm
while earning 16% of the gross income. top 5% paid 59% of federal next tax. top 10% paid 70%. look at this, bottom 50% of americans paid 2.3% federal income tax. so their premise is incorrect, is it not? >> that is true. again i think what helped them or held them together is anger. this movement was known as total democracy. everybody got to talk at every meeting. they would go on for hours. there was not one goal they could get behind. the movement of outsiders can't exist because somewhere along the line there has to be leader and insiders and then there is all sorts of insiding. that is what happened to this
1:26 pm
movement. one year ago, you don't see one leader and don't see much change. >> gregg: it seemed president obama was borrowing part of of the argument. he said if you make more than one million a year you should not pay more than 30% in taxes, the 1% they are paying 30.4%. so the president is also incorrect. >> this is very, often used in class warfare kind of things. in times of unemployment. in times of economic hard times we often see this type of argument used on both sides. >> gregg: brenda buttner, thanks so much. you can catch her ever saturday morning right here on fox news channel. >> another sports league,
1:27 pm
national hockey league blocking out players as of this morning. this marks the fourth nhl shut down in the past deck aide. anna has more. >> reporter: the national hockey league and players union are at an impasse how to split the $3.3 billion made last season. they are still divided. they didn't even meet face to face before their current agreement expired. as you mentioned at 12:01. the union wants to guarantee $1.8 billion in salaries last season. industry revenue has grown from $2.1 billion to $3.3 billion under the deal. owners want the percentage of hockey related revenue to go down. contending it's the players that are slowing down the negotiation process. >> the board was given a everything that has transpired
1:28 pm
in these negotiations. the conclusion remains as it has been our position from the outset. we need a new collective bargaining agreement to move forward with the season. >> reporter: this marks the fourth work stoppage since 1992. 30 games were postponed. then 1994, 468 games cancelled. and 2004-2005 season was cancelled entirely. first professional sports league to cancel an entire season. there has a tumultuous 18 months and they were locked out for much of the off season in 2011 and n.b.a. season was shortened from 82 games to 66 and begin on christmas. and training camps for nhl will not open next week and regular season that is scheduled for october 11th could also be in
1:29 pm
jeopardy. >> heather: a lot of hockey fans not too happy. >> gregg: a stark warning from leon panetta, how long the unrest in middle east could last. >> heather: romney-ryan ticket pushing a plan to put america back on track. we weigh in on the five pinpoint program. >> we are going to save medicare. we're going to get people back to work. [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation, not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪
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>>. >> heather: in recent weeks, governor mitt romney has been pushing a plan that will get americans back to work. achieving north american energy independence by increasing domestic fossil fuels. improving education by changing how teachers are hired and evaluated.
1:34 pm
cutting unfair trade practices especially with china. reducing the deficit by cutting federal spending to less than 20% of g.d.p. and championing small businesses by cutting taxes and regulations. so will governor romney's plan work? matt is the founder of the keelan group and alexis is executive director of the american values institute. thank you for joining us. i want to go through governor romney's five point plan and let you comment beginning with the first one. achieving north american energy independence, he says it can be achieved by several ways. increasing domestic fuel and streamlining regulations and permits, drilling offshore and in the arctic national wildlife refuge and approving the keystone pipeline. i'll begin with you matt, what do you think about his first pointed?
1:35 pm
>> without question, on day one, mitt romney's promise to approve the keystone pipeline, that is 3 million new jobs for the american people. unfortunately barack obama seems to be beholding the environmentalist movement that anti-american jobs. just with that one piece of his plank, he chris 3 million jobs, these are good high paying jobs. blue collar workers and we have to approve the keystone pipeline. we need an all above approach. president has promised it but hasn't delivered it. i think mitt romney and paul ryan are ready to deliver. >> heather: what is your take on achieving american energy independence? >> i agree completely with achieving that goal of energy independence, that is one of critical issues facing the next few generations in this country. i feel like his plan is nothing more than subsidizing pollution. we need a plan that actually focuses on transforming our
1:36 pm
energy away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy and towards more sustainable products. also, we'll tap into the same blue collar jobs that matt is talking about. >> heather: up next, teachers' strike going on voting right now the union vote. his next point is improving education and job training in part by increasing school choice and changing the way teachers are hired? >> one of the things i look to is job training and retraining the american worker for the next century. i think that is one of the things i really focused on. we have 23 million people out of work right now. we the have to prepare against india and china for the next century. we need to be able to compete. i think that is one of the things they focused on in this plan is try to get those workers retrained and ready to compete
1:37 pm
with china and india. i think investment in education is clearly a central issue, as well. i think it's kind of problematic to be just focusing on investing on education, people making $30,000 a year and trying hardest to develop young people into global competitors. the investment is very important but i would love on to see an education plan that deokts an economic plan that really grows the students and doesn't focus on one sector of the playing. >> heather: and stopping unfair trade practices especially with china? >> i think this is where mitt romney and paul ryan are trying to appeal to those blue collar workers in the midwest. under the obama administration, china has had a free rein on some of these things. china needs to be reined back in. some of the unfair practices is
1:38 pm
costing thousands of american jobs. i think it's time to level the playing field and be fair. >> i agree with matt. including the part that obama has been softer on china i than i comfortable with. the real challenge that obama presidency or mitt romney presidency would face the fact that companies like g.e. and apple and walmart are significant american companies and benefiting quite a bit from this trade imbalance. whoever is president in the next four years will have to deal with that and also the lobbies that come with it. >> heather: we didn't get the final two which is cutting the deficit, cutting the federal spending to less than 20% of g.d.p. and champ yoj small businesses. perhaps we'll get to those next time. thank you so much for joining us. >> gregg: u.s. secretary of defense speaking out about the
1:39 pm
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>>. >> heather: the u.s. secretary of defense now warning that the unrest raging across the muslim world especially in places like libya, cairo and pakistan will likely continue in the days ahead and urging americans, quote, remain vigilant about the turmoil ahead. k.t. mcfarland, judith miller is fox news contributor. thank you both for joining us. k.t., i'll ask you the same questions, what is causing this widespread unrest and where is it going from here? >> one thing that is not causing
1:44 pm
is this silly movie. it isn't even a movie it's a bunch of guys on a home video and beer tiabd to their heads. this is not about that. it's about the fact that revolution is three act play, topple the dictator and act two is all the groups that are united are fighting each other. so act three is somebody is going to win. they are going to get their act together and have a democratic government or more ruthless dictatorship and who is on act two is al-qaeda trying to highjack the whole revolution. >> i would not disagree with that, bernard lewis call the roots of islamic rage goes way backing a. this is part of the world that has been declining economically and politically and others have been soaring ahead. now, they they are able to express things that the united
1:45 pm
states supported it's accomplished what we needed to accomplish in the middle east. they are able to express these things and lot of it is ugly, but this is really not about us. this is about them. there is war for the future of their country. it's going to get ugly. yes, we are going to be involved as targets. >> heather: what about the administration's response to all this. obama administration, you have the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. today on all the talk shows coming out and saying, it's because of this youtube clip. saying that is what causing and mentioning libya. where the u.s. ambassador is murdered along with three others and she says that it's because of the youtube clip. >> she said it was spontaneous. they were well organized and planned in advance. youtube clip is convenient excuse. you don't take rocket propelled
1:46 pm
grenades and automatic weapons to little demonstration down the street. you don't in the case of egypt have al-qaeda's royal families in the audience as part of the crowd on video so everybody can see. this is brother of the current head of al-qaeda was in that crowd. brothers of blind sheik were in that crowd. this was not an accident. it was set off by the movie what is going to have when the bin laden movie comes out in a couple of months? >> heather: obama administration's response? >> i don't think we know what caused the deaths of the americans in libya. we heard mike rogers from congress say he thought he didn't know. he has seen all the intelligence i agree with k.t., that it's not the movie but the movie was the spark. you always need a spark that sets things off. i also don't think it's the obama administration's policy as the republicans say.
1:47 pm
it's neither of those things. it's a fight for the future of their country. its power struggle within these countries and it's going to come out in different ways and different countries. so i don't think it's hard to generalize. >> we do know in libya there were four attacks prior in benghazi on the consulate, but i want to talk more about administration. >> heather: this perceived weakness on the part of america. do you think it presents a problem when we go into the foreign countries, perceived weakness and nothing will be done? >> as somebody who has lived there a lot of their life, i don't think people in egypt are paying a lot of attention to our presidential election. they are worried about where their next meals are going to come from. they are worried about the price of fuels soaring as the muslim brotherhood tends to cope with governing a country of 85
1:48 pm
million people. that is what they are focused on there. they are furious that their lives haven't gotten better since they had their revolution. that is what we are seeing. it's dangerous until we figure out exactly who is pulling strings. what we do know, president morsi was asked to stop and make sure this was skilled by by the american president. obama asked him to do that in a late night conversation. no one was killed and no americans were injured at u.s. embassy. >> i completely disagree. when i came in with reagan administration on the heels of jimmy carter having a similar reaction to the pulling down of the shah of iran and establishment what started out as a democratic revolution and hijacked by the mullahs. it's the same thing when the united states looks like we are weak and not getting involved, then it starts unraveling. the united states becomes the tarring. by saying it was all about the movie and nothing to do with
1:49 pm
your own governance, it invites more things of this nature. that is what i'm worried about. it's going to be open season on americans. >> heather: i have to wrap you up. thanks so much for joining us. >> gregg: controversial voting i.d. law unfolding now in pennsylvania, but will voters have enough time to properly identify themselves before november's election? it's in court. we'll talk about it. ggest stage. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers,
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>>. >> gregg: a surprising twist in pennsylvania controversial voter i.d. case. a hearing which begin this week is expected to determine whether pennsylvania voters will be required to show a valid photo i.d. before casting their ballots. but friday a supreme court judge asked whether there has been a problem getting non-driver license photo idss to the surprise of many, the chief deputy attorney general says, yeah, there is. left turn answer to the question sway the judge's ruling. what going to happen on election day. mercedes, the problem is they passed the voter i.d. law but it
1:54 pm
conflicts with the homeland security law which says you need additional proof. when you have two laws conflicts what happens? >> generally, you have two. you have a federal law and state law and issue is who has the primary issue. this is an election issue therefore state laws are the ones that should be the primary ones. we saw that in the presidential election back many years ago when you had the gore versus bush. when there was hanging chad, it was state laws that controlled it. this is what can happen in this case. frankly, look at this practically. who has having difficulty getting a non-dmv voting card. >> gregg: all you have to do is ask for it and say you need it to voted. >> exactly at most it's $10. it's not not how the individuals who don't have the finances will have difficulty getting it.
1:55 pm
>> gregg: pennsylvania did try to reconcile the laws, here is our solution. show us your social security number and give us your date of birth. they wanted additional paper and you are a residents and fine you get it? >> obviously it's an interesting thing because the lower court apparently denied this injunction and they tried to make it as perfect as they can under the circumstances. issue is we don't want voter fraud. the question is going to be, should we as americans know who it is that is voting and what is the best way to do it. for example, out here on the west coast in nevada, we have a lot of illegals that live out here. it's different than many times in pennsylvania where it's a different -- i'm from pennsylvania, the same issue is voter fraud. if in fact it seems like what the judge was saying, listen, do you have things set up for the availability for these people to
1:56 pm
get the appropriate photo i.d. so they can vote? that is what i think is the aspect question. the concern is procedural implementation to satisfy the requirements of the law which says to me, the legislature may have to go back, gregg, and look at this law in the future. >> gregg: let's look at the broader picture. indiana the famous voter i.d. law upheld in a 6-3 decision. oddly it was john paul stevens made the majority opinion. put it up on the screen. because indiana's is free inconvenience of going to the bureau of motor vehicles and poising for a photograph does not qualify as a substantial burden on most voters' rights to vote. isn't that really quite eloquently the point here. before you walk out of the house to do anything in your life, you have to have some form of identification? >> is there will a municipal law
1:57 pm
across the nation that requires an i.d. on your person. what i.d. do you have? have social security card, you have your birth certificate and you can go to dmv. it's not too often you see the u.s. supreme court let's look at this practically. don't come forward and say somehow this is an equal protection issue and you are using this law to prevent people from voting. those in the lower socioeconomic class. >> gregg: bob, critics say, this discriminates against minorities as well in the states that voter idss 6 passed and any majority participation has gone up? >> that is right. isn't it true, doesn't virginia when they send out ballots they give you an opportunity where i can have identification so this thing is actually resolved. pennsylvania should be doing the same thing.
1:58 pm
making it as easiest as possible so people can vote and know who is voting. i don't want somebody that is not that person voting for a presidential election. >> gregg: remember you can file a provisional ballot if you don't have an i.d. >> you have about a week and a half to prove it. >> gregg: thank you good to see you both. >> we're going to be right back. don't go away. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ]
1:59 pm
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>>heather: welcome to a brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. >>gregg: topping the news this hour, new details in the investigation into the deadly attacks on the consulate in benghazi. a live report from the middle east moments away. >>heather: brand new polls and what they say about who america thinks would be best dealing with the stalled economy. our campaign insiders are here. >>gregg: men, take charge of your health with the drive for five tackling five high risk areas that could save your life. >>heather: first this hour, new trouble today for president obama as anti-american protests spread across the globe. at least one person is dead in pakistan after more riots break out. this is raising question whether united states foreign policy is to blame. senator john mccain thinks so.
2:03 pm
here he is on "face the nation" this morning. as it is disengagement. prior to 9/11 we had a policy of containment. after 9/11, it was confrontation with the terrorists and al qaeda. now it is disengagement. you just saw the spokesperson, we are leaving iraq, we are leaving afghanistan. >>heather: now, live from washington, dc, steve, what were the president's critics saying on the talk shows? >>guest: they say it is the president's foreign policy that led to the new turmoil in the middle east which is a big problem for the president going into the november election and a possible opening for mitt romney. the chairman of the house intelligence committee said today it was not a video mocking mohammed that triggered the unrest but animosity to the west.
2:04 pm
>> saying it is a video causing the problem, obviously the bad guys will use this as a reason but we need more than that. >>reporter: john mccain said the president has also made serious mistakes in afghanistan and syria. >>heather: steve, how is the administration, then, defending itself? >>guest: the u.n. ambassador countered the claim that the video was not the main trigger and said it was and that the future course of events is unclear. >> there is no predicting exactly what the trajection of this. the last couple of days have been better. we are very vigilant. we are view of the view this is not an expression of hostility in the broadest sense toward the united states or u.s. policy it is approximately a reaction to the video and a hateful video that had nothing to do with the united states. >>reporter: the f.b.i. is still investigating exactly what happened and who was behind it.
2:05 pm
>>heather: thank you, steve, reporting for us from washington, dc. >>gregg: the investigation into this is leading to more questions than answers including whether the raid against the consulate was a spontaneous reaction or a premeditated act of violence. leland vittert is live in egypt with more. >>reporter: right now it is the u.s. government's position from the obama administration that this was a spontaneous protest at the consulate that got out of hand and turned into an attack that killed those four americans including the u.s. ambassador but we are learning new information from the libyan president in an interview, alluding that he thought there was a possibility that al qaeda or another group was behind the attacks and they were very much preplanned and premeditated pointing to a couple of points. first, it happened on 9/11, and the significance of that date cannot be overlooked.
2:06 pm
it was well coordinated, the attackers were well armed firing with direct fire, indicating this was not just a bunch of people who showed up for a protest. and the last thing, we have not heard of the "safe house," that the consulate was using. the attackers attacked the consulate and followed up with an attack at the safe house which points to the fact there was significant planning into the attack and not just an off the cuff thing that happened in response to the video. >>gregg: thank you, leland vittert, from cairo. >>heather: in the wake of the anti-american protests over this antiislamic film, iran is increasing the bounty on british author rushdie who was condemned to death in 1989 by the ayatollah over the novel that
2:07 pm
was named "the satanic verses." ayatollah claimed the book's depiction of the prophet mohammed was blasphemy and now the reward is up to kill him to $3.3 million from $2.8 million. >>gregg: a terror investigation is ending with the arrest of a chicago teen. the 18-year-old used an e-mail account to distribute material about violent jihad and the killing of americans. an undercover agent provided the suspect with a phony car bomb and watched as the teen allegedly pressed the trigger outside of a bar. neighbors say the teen always seemed like a nice guy. >> the kid that i know is an angel. >> so many years together and i hear no problem. >> they have four children.
2:08 pm
very good family. i have no clue, you know, and i was shocked. >>gregg: he is an american citizen fueling arrest of homegrown terrorism. he is scheduled to appear federal court tomorrow with charges including attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. >>heather: kids, more than 300,000 chicago kids could be back in school as early as tomorrow. the teachers union voting this afternoon to approve or reject a tenative contract and if it passes teachers will be on the job in the morning. steve brown is live from chicago. steve, going into the meeting, how do the delegates, generally, view the union leadership? >>reporter: based on conversations with people going in, what you saw on the street last week in terms of support to the strike is what you will see
2:09 pm
inside the house of delegates. cameras are not allowed during this meeting, or in the friday meeting. usually there is a great deal of support with an extraordinary amount of unity behind the leadership. >> extremely unified. we are 100 percent behind our leadership. it's, really, it has been a great experience for unity for our union. >>reporter: there was a sympathy strike by unionized john tores and other unions in the city. to this point, the mayor rahm emanuel was seen as a person to successfully bring unions to the table and have them give up things even in mid-contract. this, the union says, could be the end of those give backs and they could accumulate things in the future. >>heather: the mayor rahm emanuel made out to be the bad
2:10 pm
guy. where is he this weekend? >>reporter: well, he has been a low profile. on friday he had a public event scheduled and was not directly related to the teacher strike and we have been approved of his events and when the word of the deal came forward, that event was canceled. we are getting pictures of an event the mayor was at today. he has been away from cameras and microphones. it could be that he does not want to inflame people on the each of getting a deal, or is he playing the hand dealt? that some of these things are not what it is he wanted and, therefore, he will have to explain that to the folks that support him and supported him through the fight. he has been in low profile mode. >>heather: thank you, steve. >>gregg: nice day for most of the united states today but that could soon end as rain returns to the forecast.
2:11 pm
sorry about that. a hurricane is churning in the atlantic, with the meteorologist calling it live in the extreme weather center. >> we are looking at at the hurricane, with winds up to 75 miles per hour but it will not impact the united states. it is over open water in the atlantic. it is forecast to continue to weaken the next couple of days and could be tropical by monday afternoon. headed into tomorrow we have a forecast of maximum sustained wind of 70 miles per hour. across the northeast, we have been talking about how it feels like it is fall in the 70's for the temperature and a lot of sunshine, and burlington has highs only in the 60's but we expect more showers and storms to approach parts of the northeast as we head into your tuesday. we could actually see a return of severe weather, as well, as the front approaches the northeast on tuesday. before that, it will be quiet for the work week on monday
2:12 pm
across the northeast. across the national picture, though, we have showers and storms already impacting portions of the state of texas, locally up to 2" of rain are possible. we have travel issues in the airports and on the roads. you can see the heavy rain to the wet of houston moving slowly east. and showers and storms are scattered around portions of the southeast, but not at heavy or as widespread. as we head, again, into the next two days the front will organize and head eastbound pulling more moisture from the gulf of mexico, producing heavier areas of rain, 2" to 3", from mississippi, alabama, to western carolinas and into interior portions of the northeast. we will watch that. >>gregg: heading our way on tuesday. all right. thank you. >>heather: coming up, the key to lowering u.s. unemployment may lie south of the border.
2:13 pm
why that made in the usa label could provide an opportunity for american businesses to get back on top. >>gregg: the west nile virus is reaching epidemic proportions. ♪ why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot.
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>>gregg: defense secretary panetta says the recent unrest in the middle east will likely continue for several days. american forces are prepared to respond to any threats. a female colonel will now lead basic training after dozens are female recruits claimed to have been sexually assaulted by males. at least six facing charges. prince william and his wife continuing their south asian tour as lawyers for the royal family prepare to file a lawsuit tomorrow to keep the photos from
2:18 pm
being published of her sunbathing topless. >>heather: made in the usa label is a hot commodity south of the border. middle-class mexicans are snapping up these products regardless of price at a time of 8.1 percent unemployment. we heard the numbers, all of us. what could or should this mean for u.s. businesses? joining us is a fox senior business correspondent and anchor of "bulls and bears." so, six million jobs in the united states depend on trade with mexico. what should we do with this information they are buying more american products? >>guest: it is interesting. what if i told you that $416 billion was moved back-and-forth over the border to secret and the topic of the biggest u.s. mexican issues.
2:19 pm
mexico is vying with china to become the second-big of the trading partner of the u.s. african da, so it is a huge trend that is going on. it is back-and-forth trend. mexicans buying our goods and we are buying theirs. >>heather: we mention "secret," and when it comes to the obama administration, a lot of their policies that we hear about, anyway, in terms of mexico south of the border they focus on law enforcement and the drug trade. why don't we hear about this robust economy? >>guest: well, that is interesting. china has lost out on their factory wage advantage over mexico. a lost manufacturing businesses are now going offshore but they are going to mexico, right to our own continent which is an important thing to realize. there has not been that much attention given to it because
2:20 pm
there are more see deductive issues such as illegal aliens and the rest. this, really, is an important business trend. since nafta was passed in the early 1990's, trade with mexico has increased six-fold buying $300 billion of u.s. goods. new jersey sends pharmaceutical. montana sends copper. texas sends chickens. this new middle class that is growing in mexico loves "made in the usa," seeing it as a sign of quality. that is happening in china, too, for the middle class. >>heather: the united states sold more stuff to mexico than brazil, india, japan and britain combined. as an average consumer here in the united states, what do i do with this information? >>guest: they are a huge trading partner. that is very important to us. the pacts such as nafta that get
2:21 pm
rest of tariffs and make investments south of the border are an important way to become more indefined and for our goods to get out, to be exported out to other countries, not just the other way around. it means you will be buying a lost mexican products. you probably already do. people thing of outsourcing and the jobs going to mexico because the wages are lower. that is true. but a lot of the jobs in the united states depend on the middle class buying our goods. there are two sides to the story. it is not just one side. >>heather: we need to walk on the job situation here in the united states. >>guest: well, absolutely. >>heather: you can catch brenda every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m., eastern right here on fox news channel. >>gregg: 2012 is on track to the be deadliest year ever for the west nile virus with 100 people having died from the me
2:22 pm
coast-borne illness and the number of severe cases, that is the highest since the west nile virus was first detected in the country back in 1999. now more live from atlanta, the latest information from the centers for disease control. elizabeth? >> well, experts say they continue to see the rise and the severity of the outbreak is going to be worse before it is better. we saw pretty significant uptick in the cases in louisiana. local experts say it could be the remaining stagnant water after hurricane isaac. there was a briefing this week by the centers for disease control preparing folks for the months ahead. listen. >> it takes someone who gets severe disease, they could die a week, a month, or six months later after the initial illness. so, we will expect, even if transmission stopped tomorrow, which is not going to be the case, but if it did stop
2:23 pm
tomorrow we would expect the none of deaths to rise. >> you can see the center lies in the heart of texas but every case is reporting cases but for hawaii and alaska. the centers for disease control reporting 2,636 cases and 118, so far, have been fatal. they are also reporting the highest number since the virus was detected back in 1999. others facing record numbers include louisiana, south dakota, mississippi, oklahoma, among others. experts fill cannot nail down the reason for the severity of this outbreak, they do say an unusually warm winter allowed the mosquitoes to thrive during the cold months. the battle continues in arlington, texas, where aerial spraying in a few hours tonight, tomorrow night, and also tuesday night and those cities opting
2:24 pm
out, are telling folks to stay inside during dusk and dawn, use the bug spray and remove any stagnant water around your home or in low-lying areas. >>gregg: that is what i tell my daughters, put on the bug spray. thank you, elizabeth. >>heather: coming up, pope benedict on a visit to the middle east holding mass in lebanon with the message to arab leaders up next. >>greg: campaign insiders are here talking about the key issues of the election: who do americans think will do the best job with the economy? we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
2:25 pm
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>>heather: welcome back at the bottom of the hour. pope benedict urging the nation to be a model of religious peace in the middle east while in lebanon, which is home to many faiths that have been protected for years. we do not know if chicago schoolteachers are on the job tomorrow. officials are meeting right now with union leaders to vote on a deal. teachers walked off the job on monday affecting 350,000 students. >> the national hockey league locking out their players amid a labor dispute. the two sides are very far apart in negotiations for a new deal. >> new calls for the united states to take a stronger stand against iran. netanyahu making the case to the voters calling on them to elect a president who will draw a red line on tehran's nuclear program after facing stiff opposition
2:30 pm
from the obama administration. and now, rick is live in jerusalem. binyamin netanyahu not backing off the challenge to the president over iran. >>reporter: right. he is using a football metaphor on sunday to reach the american people by suggesting iran is in the red zone and close to scoring a nuclear weapon and if the united states will not stop iran, israel will. the prime minister binyamin netanyahu says by the middle of next year, iran will be 90 percent of the way toward enough enriched uranium to make an atom bomb. tee wants them to abandon the program or else. >> they are in the red zone, in the last 20 yards. you cannot let them cross that goal line. you cannot let them score a touchdown. that would have unbelievable consequences, grievous
2:31 pm
consequences. >>reporter: the prime minister said that he respects the united states saying that it will try and prevent iran from getting a income weapon but is prepared to act unilaterally, if necessary. >>heather: the prime minister using the muslim protests to bolster his argument? >> he compares mahmoud ahmadinejad to the militants that have been storming the united states embassies across the region saying iran puts zealots ahead of survival, claiming it has suicide bombers "all overtime place," and says it would be a grave, grave mistake not to stop them before it is too late. >> since the advent of nuclear weapons you have countries that had access to nuclear weapons who always made a careful calculation of cost and benefit but iran is guided by a leadership with an unbelievable fanaticism that you see storming the u.s. embassies today. do we want them to have nuclear
2:32 pm
weapons? >> iran say they are not building nuclear weapons but threatening the united states and israel if iran is attacked saying they will obliterate this country with missiles and they will attack u.s. military bases if iran is attacked. >>heather: thank you, rick, from jerusalem. >>gregg: a bunch of polls just out showing a new trend in the campaign for president. here the average from real clear politics, president obama has broken the month-long tie at 45.5 percent. now, we have john leboutillier, a former republican congressman, and pat caddell, a pollster, and doug schoen, former pollster for
2:33 pm
bill clinton. this is in the margin of error so we can call it a tie, but, doug, has the president essentially moved ahead here? >>doug: it is clear he has moved ahead. now it is in the margin of error but at the outside. the trend on issue questions and voting questions are going in president obama's direction. this is the time that the romney campaign has to recalibrate and come up with something new and different. >>pat: absolutely. can you argument whether it is a couple points or this, that, or the other but the movement is there and we will talk about the economy, and the president's job rating is moving that way. another thing that is important to note, i believe the democrats got a bump not from obama but for their party i.d. with movement suggesting in the polls that people are moving more to the democratic brand and, remember, bill clinton did this. that was the speech, aimed,
2:34 pm
attacking the republican brand, not romney. but when you move 1 percent of the vote, .9 of the vote yours. >>gregg: hiring is shown to be way down, congressman, and unemployment is still high, above 8 percent, and gas prices killing americans they have spiked so high. look at this: a full 80 percent of voters believe that the recession continues, 80 percent. all of this under president obama's watch, yet, move to the next poll. look at this, he has erases mitt romney edge on fixing the economy tied at 46 percent. what happened to governor romney's advantage? >> he sat on the campaign in march when we started doing this each sunday, we starting saying from the first time that from
2:35 pm
march through july before the olympics, this time is needed to define himself or obama will do it for him. he did not do it. we have said, selling a positive, specific vision as a turn around artist, a guy that has turned around the olympics, companies, hired people, done a lot of positive things, if he had sold that, over and over and over, he would be in much better shape. he has done almost nothing. >> i don't know what he has done. >>gregg: my 13-year-old daughter recited romney's five point plan which she learned in school and she said i don't understand how that creates jobs >>pat: she is on to something, your daughter, because as i read it, and i heard it, i heard he said he would create 12 million jobs but i didn't hear how. what the mechanism was. or what the vehicle was. bottom line, i don't think the american people know the
2:36 pm
five-point plan as well as your daughter and i sure believe they have no idea how he is going to achieve the objectives. >>pat: what you are saying, and this is disturbing, when you show the numbers in the self polls where he who is shown tied or obama is ahead of romney on the economy, and you realize the president has a job approval rating still at 50 percent, this is a structural problem. the republican narrative, the lack of -- we talked about the need of a narrative to explain what is happening, people know things are bad. the democrats have decided they can take a brazen strategy which is to say, no, no, don't believe your eyes, things are getting better knowing that the romney campaign will not challenge them and the press will echo it because they are mostly in the strain stream. >>gregg: also, my daughter took me to an electoral map and
2:37 pm
started pointing out the numbers there it is, obama 237 to romney's 191 based on polling data were the election held today. >> the change from a week ago is real clear, michigan has moved, the home state of romney, to obama, and that is 16 electoral votes, a huge change, and it makes the president, i believe, 33 away from the --. >> if you look at florida and ohio, polls have it showing the president's lead at five points or better, and without those it is impossible for romney to win. >>greg: one other twist in here, the events that happened in the middle east, romney was criticized by many on the right for the statement and others say, no, he was right on point
2:38 pm
but the fox polling data shows only 4 percent say that will influence their vote, foreign policy and national security. >> that is now how the equation works. if you list what influences people, they think foreign policy is important, and the president has some problems not on the surface, not on killing bin laden and not on generally, does he do foreign policy well, but a problem on three things: iran, and tomorrow there will be a poll out i am associated with showing again, three quarters of the american people believe that iranians will use the weapons against american. that muslim extremism, as well, and to some extent the outreach of the muslim world. romney has to use that and i agree that he was correct, i thought the statements on the embassy were brazen but he got attacked because he pursued that. >> the obama administration was
2:39 pm
blaming the victims. >> with the protests going on, although they have died down for right now, i say to pat, if we get more unrest in 20 nations or even five or ten nations, the image of "bomb being weak could be recast and it could save the romney camp. first of all, on your point that only 4 percent in the fox poll in all fairness the poll was taken, monday, tuesday, when, when this happened. it is changing quickly. too, what is romney's point? is he going to beat obama on the economy? he has not made the argument well enough f he is pivoting over to, say, i'm a better manager of foreign affairs he hasn't done that. as yogi bera said, it is getting late, early. >>gregg: we have to take a quick break. at usaa, we believe honor is not
2:40 pm
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2:44 pm
>>heather: welcome back. one demonstrator killed and dozens injured in new clashes with police near the united states consulate in pakistan. all americans working there are safe. >> wisconsin attorney general fighting to enforce a union law while his office appeals a judge's decision to strike it down. that law ended collective bargaining for public employees and helps make republican governor walker into a national conservative hero. >> an unfavorable forecast forcing nasa to postpone the space station shuttle
2:45 pm
""endeavour"," flight to a museum, pushing it back to tuesday. >>gregg: now, to some of the important swing states: ohio, florida, virginia, continued must-win states for governor romney but according to the polls he is slipping in all three. here is the real clear politics average on that: president obama with a light lead in the battleground states. take note, highway -- ohio's four point spread, no republican has won without winning the buckeye state. so, congress man leboutillier, what do you make of that? >> quickly, those numbers tell us a lot. all three of them have huge senate races going on at the same time. in ohio and florida, and since the conventions, the democratic candidate in each, is an incumbent, has moved ahead by seven points. there is a trend in the states
2:46 pm
for the democratic senator and a little bit for obama, and in each state, there is a local reason the. the auto bailout is hurting romney in ohio. medicare is hurting him. he brought this into the race when he picked congressman ryan. and in florida, 70 percent of voters in that poll do not want vouchers for medicare. we have opened up a front that is hurting us. >>greg: what about the flap over the snub of netanyahu? >>doug: it is affecting voters. because of that, in defense, because of that, and, i suspect, virginia, is helping romney getting movement. ohio is the problem. ohio, in the end, is the problem. again, it is the republican establishment's inability to push back on the auto bailout
2:47 pm
which has been made into a holy grail. and another thing we talked about, and doug, a week ago, the republicans not building their "brand" governors, and say this is the road map and for mitt romney to grab that. >> the real issue, is, despite the financial advantage that governor romney has, he is outspent in most of the swing states by the obama campaign on tv. as we all necessity from our own campaign experience, you cannot win an election if you are outspent. >>gregg: isn't that going to change, now be because after the convention romney can use a multimillions he has. >> that is right. >>gregg: when? when? >> only to the end is it a mistake. the battle is going on now. i want to make another argument as this closes, as we see it close, you have to start moving this thing nationally.
2:48 pm
>>gregg: and your predictions? i will predict that governor romney is going to stick with the negative attacks all the way into the first debate saying to the president, everything you say sounds nice, but, frankly, it is not working. i will say, picking up on what i said on against, the next few days we will see numbers on foreign policy, because i have been involved with that showing iran and defense spending cuts. i will say contrary to what john suggested, the romney campaign should panic. they have to do something different. there is going to be an address to the nation on t before the debate where the five-point plan your daughter was talking about is broadcast to the nation, again. he has to. >> >>gregg: he ought to high your daughter as a campaign advisor. >> he could do worse. >> he is doing worse. >>gregg: more from the campaign insiders each monday at
2:49 pm
10:30 a.m., eastern and they will be back, of course, here, next sunday, and you can follow them on twitter. >>heather: new ways to get the stubborn man in your life to see a doctor but it's too late. dry mouth may start off as an irritant. it'll cause cavities, bad breath. patients will try and deal with it by drinking water. water will work for a few seconds but if you're not drinking it, it's going to get dry again. i recommend biotene. all the biotene products like the oral rinse...the sprays have enzymes in them. the whole formulation just works very well. it leaves the mouth feeling fresh. if i'm happy with the results and my patients are happy with the results, i don't need to look any farther.
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>>gregg: and a new effort to get men proactive about their bodies focusing on five health risk areas. >>heather: including high cholesterol, high psa, high blood pressure and low testosterone. here is a practicing internist and faculty member at new york university school of medicine and contributor to "the daily." why are men not proactive? >>guest: it is interesting, the famous nascar driver and myself teamed up with the men's health network to try to raise awareness on men's health issues that men are just not as proactive and not administration aggressive in getting
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